Searching for the perfect cabinets for your home decor? Is the choice between veneer cabinets and laminate cabinets becoming too daunting to make? Let us help you out with it!

Wooden cabinets always add a special appeal to your interiors. However, making the choice between veneer and laminate cabinets can be very tough. While laminates are available in a variety of designs as well as colours, the veneers increase the aesthetics and elegance of your room to the highest point. Plus, there is a difference in price among both these materials due to the difference in their composition. Well, you do not need to confuse yourself over it since we are here to help you out. Scroll down to find out:

Veneer Cabinets:
As the name suggests, the wooden veneers are used to manufacture the cabinets. Veneer is nothing but a very thin surface of high-quality hardwood. Yes, its thickness generally ranges from 0.1-0.2 inches. The thin elegant outer surface is bonded to an ordinary surface below to manufacture the veneer cabinets. A veneer cabinet is really a piece of art since it offers elegance and superior aesthetics as well as creates a magnificent appeal.

Manufactured from elegant thin hardwood surface.
It is completely a natural product and has no artificiality.
Adds a magnificent look to your interior.
The veneers retain the grace of their parent material completely. Thus, each veneer has a distinguishing look and feel.

Since the veneer cabinets are made from wood thus they require high maintenance. You must polish your cabinet from time to time to retain its elegance.
Available in a limited number of shades and designs.
They are very expensive.

Laminate Cabinets:
Laminates are basically artificial materials. They are manufactured by pressing plastic raisins along with flat paper. Lastly, various designs are printed on them. The laminates are often regarded as Sunmica in different parts of the world. The laminate cabinets are prepared by sticking the laminates over a normal wooden surface. Laminates come in a variety of shades as well as design options and the maintenance is also low. That said, laminate cabinets never fail to increase the aesthetic value and look of your interiors.

Since they are artificially manufactured from plastic raisins and flat paper, they are highly durable.
Comes in a variety of design options and shades. Thus, you will always get t one of your own choices.
As the laminate cabinets are resistant to scratches, corrosion as well as water, you will not have to spend a large amount of money on its maintenance.
They are much more affordable when compared to the veneer cabinets.

These are artificial products and do not have the beautiful texture or look like that of the veneer cabinets.
Do not add any exquisite appeal or enhance the aesthetics like the veneers.
The choice that you will make completely depends upon you. Go through the pros and cons given above; weigh your options and check whether they come within your budget before making the buying decision. Be wise and intelligent to get the best.

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