Toronto Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Sometimes, you’re perfectly happy with the layout and design of your kitchen. It’s spacious, roomy, ergonomic, and well-organized. But you’ve just gotten bored with the look of it. Maybe the cabinets are out of style, or maybe they’re just worn with age. Whatever the reason, kitchen refacing allows you to provide a complete update to the look and feel of your kitchen without all the expense and hassle of a complete kitchen renovation.

Benefits of Kitchen Refacing in Toronto

  • Budget-friendly: a kitchen refacing costs about half of a complete remodel.
  • Simple: you don’t need to worry about plumbing, electrical, or demolition.
  • Quick: a kitchen refacing usually takes just a day or two.
  • Safe: you don’t have to worry about existing components of your kitchen being damaged in the process.


Custom Kitchen Using Your Existing Layout

If you love your current kitchen design but really do want new cabinet boxes, counters, and everything else Metro Kitchens is happy to oblige. This saves you money on the design process and keeps the job much simpler due to our ability to work with your existing space and infrastructure.

Cabinet Additions and Renovations

One of the ways that Metro Kitchen loves to help homeowners improve their kitchen space is by adding new cabinets or modifying existing ones. Have you ever thought, “I’d love to have an extra drawer right here”? Let us show you how we can add one. Or maybe a kitchen island is in order to give you more storage and prep space. Sometimes a door or two is damaged and you want to replace them completely. We have the expertise to do so why still matching your other doors 100%