Cabinets are the most essential element of a kitchen. They dominate design and can create a wow factor, but they also have important practical functions. Custom cabinets are the gold standard in kitchen design, but not all so-called “custom cabinets” are created equal. Here’s how to tell the difference and how to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Kitchen Cabinet Choices

  • Stock – pre-built cabinets that come in standard sizes. This is the cheapest option, as manufacturing is in bulk, and installation is fast. However, choice is limited and full adaptations and integrations are rarely possible.
  • Semi-custom – semi-custom cabinets are not pre-built so more options are available, so long as you stay within the overall design. Instead of being offered a box off a shelf, you are given a menu of options to create the cabinet to order. The cabinets are still made by a manufacturer, so there are restrictions. The “custom” element comes in the assembly.
  • Custom – custom cabinets are the most personal of the three as you can have any style, size, shape, feature or integration you like. When you work with a skilled custom cabinet maker, you are only restricted by your imagination. This is the most expensive option but it is the only way to get exactly what you want, and to ensure you have a truly unique kitchen.

Benefits Of Custom Cabinets

  • You get a design that exactly matches what you want
    • You get kitchen features to fit your style of cooking
    • The design will meet the needs of your family and match your lifestyle
    • The design will fit better
    • You can maximise space in your kitchen
    • The value of your property will increase
    • They last longer as they are built from better quality materials

Buying A Custom Cabinet

Custom cabinets are clearly the best option for your new kitchen, and they are worth the extra expense, but buying them is not always easy. The problem is that some kitchen suppliers advertise their cabinets as custom-built when in fact they are semi-custom. This means the component parts of the cabinet are made at a manufacturer, and the supplier assembles and fits them. This is not a proper custom cabinet.

A proper custom cabinet is built from scratch by skilled cabinet makers. This means you are not restricted in any way. You can have any material, finish and design that you want. If you want a baking station with a built-in sifter, you can have it. If you want a specialized wine rack or glass cabinets to show your china collection, you can have it. In fact, you can have anything you want.

If you are told you can’t have a particular material, a size or feature is not available, or that you have to compromise on your design in some way, you are probably not being offered a true custom kitchen cabinets.

If you want to be sure you are getting custom kitchen cabinets for your kitchen built by master craftsmen, you should contact us. We offer true custom kitchen cabinets in Toronto, so can give you the kitchen of your dreams.